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Guidance please

Please help, I am just looking for sales advice and guidance here I am totally new to NAS and the associated technologies.
I am looking for some advice on which QNAP NAS system would be the best for me.
I am happy to buy new or 2nd hand and I have watched one of your videos on youtube which explained that you can sometimes get a better deal with 2nd hand systems

I will be operating the system from home.
I am a mobile DJ/VJ and will therefore require storage for music/music videos and photos.
I run my business from my home address.
I am guessing 4 to 8 tb would be ample to begin with, however I would like the opportunity to be able to increase my storage capacity should I need to.
I would also like to be able to host 2 to 3 websites on my new system. One of the websites will be quite large in size which will be my DJ/VJ website.
The ability to run a home security system on my NAS would also be great and ideally I would like to be able to stream media via Plex to my TV.
Please could you recommend a suitable QNAP system.

Kind Regards
Anthony Johnson
Maybe you could consider TVS-473A or 673A. These models are quite powerful. You will be able to start with few drives and add more drives when you need more storage space.
Built-in NVMe slots will also be very handy for boosting your websites.
Alternatively, you could consider Synology ds1621+ from Synology. They might have a better security setup by default.
Otherwise, you can use this guide

I hope this helps.

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