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Synology Photos

Hi Rob,
Just been watching your excellent video on how to use Synology Photos. My question is, I hope, simple.
I have three accounts on my DS220+; the Admin, my own, and my wife's. We both take photos with our phones of course, all of which are currently sync'ed and shared inside a Google Photos account (mine) which is then shared between the two of us, so she has access to my pictures, and I her's. Would you recommend setting up Synology Photos with the Admin account and then having my use of Photos as shared access to that admin account (and the same for my wife)? Or should I create a Syn Photos space for each of my wife's and my photos separately, and then share each space with each other? My only worry is whether I will have to continually update the shared settings. That is, as new photos are added to (say) my wife's account, do I then have to go in and make them shareable with my account (and/or vice versa) every time? Would setting things up via the Admin account give me any advantages with this sharing aspect?
Many thanks for any thoughts you have on this topic.
My best regards,
Tony Coates.
Yes, you have two options. Use the third combo admin account or enable the shared space feature.
Shared space should update with the latest photos. Here is a handy video
If you create admin account (or regular user account that has access to both folders) you could switch accounts on your phone based on a task (backup or access all photos ).

I hope this helps.

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