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External Drive backup to NAS

Hi there,

I thought I might get in touch as you were so helpful last time I had a question. I wondered if you might be able to help me out as the Synology support team are good at replies but not overly helpful on the matter. No worries if this isn't in your remit/you don't have time to answer!

My ds720+ has been a backup for my external ssd sandisk extreme drive for a couple of years now with relatively few problems. I recently swapped to a MacBook Pro from my windows machine and shortly after I started experiencing some issues. I seem to be unable to backup my external drives to my gas using drive sync client (which was working fine before). The program spews out a couple of error messages, most notably, 'failed to initialize'. I have now deleted the tasks in order to try and reset them but now I've ran into another problem which is that I cannot create a sync task as it gets stuck loading the next tab after I select the drives and press continue or the advanced button. Any help would be really appreciated as I am quite worried about not having a current backup running!

Thanks so much
Yes, this sounds strange. If your NAS serves as a backup device only. Maybe it is worth resetting it to factory settings.
Otherwise, I would rather use USB copy function to back up your external drives. Simply connecting them to a USB port would start the backup process. Ad this would run 5 times faster than LAN.

I hope this helps.

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