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Upgrade to SSD

I have an older Synology DS415+ and 916+ running DSM 7 that I use to store data for a very small side business as well as personal files. Both deices run 24/7 but under minimal load. I access the NAS remotely, use some of the chat features, and backup my data and run a print server. I have both configured with Raid 5 and the 916 is the primary while the 415 acts as a backup. To date this configuration has worked just fine. Recently one of the WD red hard drives failed and I am now considering upgrading both systems to WD Red SSD. I'm wondering if this is a wise decision, should I keep the same configuration or consider other options?
If your NAS speed satisfies you, you can keep it. Upgrading it with SSD will significantly improve the performance.
I'm surprised you can still use print server, Synology planned to disable this with DSM7. So often people keep their old NAS because new models have reduced compatibility with other devices and services.
But also keep in mind, Synology only release updates for 10 years. DS415+ will go end of life in 2025. Which is fine for local-only access.

I hope this helps.

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