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Replace existing QNAP NAS


First of all, I want to tell you that your youtube-channel/blog is one of the best I ever found on the internet!!! In comparison to a lot of other "creators" of content about NAS storage solutions it is much more to the point, it is interesting, comprehensive and comprehendible. As a German, I usually look for German videos, but yours in English does just deliver a lot more value for "time in front of the screen".

Here's my use case: I do own a rather old QNAP TS-210 NAS server with 2 TB HDDs. I store data from my little home network (2 Windows PCs and 1 Macbook), both normal documents but mainly photos taken with my Olympus cameras. The old QNAP is extremely slow when I transfer data from the PC to the NAS and it is also too slow for photo management etc. I would like to have a much faster storage solution and I want to have access to my photos and documents when I am away from home. Remote access should be as safe as possible. Security concerns me because I heard of the QNAP vulnerabilities and their poor reaction. Although currently not needed, I would like to go for 4 bays in order to be more flexible in the future.

I had hoped for the Syonology 923+ to provide everything I need for a reasonable price. However, the features of the new model are disappointing to me. E.g. higher LAN speed only for extra money. More performance, but no graphics module and more power consumption, etc. Although QNAP provides much more technical value for often less money, I am reluctant to continue with QNAP because of the over-complicated OS and because of security concerns. Now, I am somehow stuck in the middle.

I would be grateful if you could let me know, which model you would prefer in my case.

Many thanks in advance

If you are not using 10GbE and do not plan on doing it, then ds920+ would be a perfect choice. It is fast and multimedia friendly. People have also managed to connect USB 5GbE adapters to increase the LAN speed.
Otherwise, DS923+ is not great for remote vide streaming.
TS-464 from Qnap is an alternative to this model. It has a multimedia-friendly CPU and a cheaper 10GbE upgrade.
Here is how to secure your Qnap

I hope this helps.

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