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finally 923+ or not


Thank you for your Site/Youtube/Knowledge/Support/Advice.. DEEPLY APPRECIATED Smile

God knows how long I've waited for that Synology's 923+.. At that time i've purchased some HDDs and SSDs (luckely not RAM) to be used in my next NAS..
According to "Synology Products Compatibility List" from there website:

1. WD Red Plus (WD40EFZX) is listed.
2. SAMSUNG 970 EVO Plus SSD 500GB is NOT listed.
3. ONLY Synology's RAM Modules are listed.

A* as for the SSDs, is that because it's new, or this will be changing soon? won't I be able to use those Samsung's?

B* as for the RAM, will your "Synology NAS Memory Upgrade Guide - 2020/2021 Edition" be valid also in here? and as I read you've tested it with DSM 7.1, should I conclude that even if I find a working Module, no one can guarantee it'll still work on DSM 7.2 or maybe later?

C* Synology's HW costs way much for way less.. All that time I was leaning toward Synology for the "Apple-like" Easiness and Robustness.. That's said,
- will you advice me considering a QNAP NAS instead?
- what will I be missing mainly?
- will it support the HDD/SSD/RAM i've talked about before?

D* What's the QNAP corresponding model for that 923+?
- will it be the 453D? it doesn't support NVMe without an adapter - right?
- and what are those TS-464 / TS-453E / TS-462.. some are newer..
- will you make a comparison 923+ VS a corresponding QnNAP ?

sorry for that long message.. THANKS again Smile
Yes, New DS923+ might be limited to Synology only NVMe. Be don't know for sure just yet.
Qnap do not really have models with that weak AMD. They have few quad-core versions though,3-3
This CPU is not good for multimedia. Anything else is OK.
We have compared 923+ with 464 model here
Qnap will all you to use those hard drives and SSDs. The 53D series are old now and replaced with 64 series that do not require nvme adapter card.
Maybe give this few weeks. If SSD support is not added, you will be better of with Qnap. It has better hardware.

I hope this helps.

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