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QNAP 873A NAS - PCIE GFC Future - Plex 4K

Hi Guys,

I'm in a position to buy an actual decent NAS but i'm struggling to find info, benchmarks and tests on people using the mid level QNAP NAS's with PCIE graphics cards for use with plex.

I previously give up trying to get my QNAP to run the plex server as a High end NUC did so much better. But the fact we can now you PCIE graphics cards and these QNAP nas's are much more competent at the mid end, Its probably worth having a Mid range QNAP with a 1650, or 1050ti card.

I'm wondering how these perform. I'm looking at the 873A and getting a 1650 card (MSI) to go in it. Will this Ryzen CPU but able to keep up with hardware encoding for 4k? Will it be better than a decent I5 NUC with No hardware GPU? (obviously the nuc cannot do 4K but it does everything else very nicely)

If you have videos on these mid level NAS's with PCIE cards i'd be really interesting in watching but struggling to find any, couple using the mega expensive 1288.

Any info people can give me will be awesome! Thanks Guys.

Yes, Qnap 73A series and 1050 / 1650 card is a popular choice. It can handle around 3 transcodes.
You can see some tests here

I hope this helps.

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