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Restore system vs. Reinitialize // Reset QNAP Server without losing Volume Data


After a long long search on google and reading manual from QNAP, there is no information about a absolut Important information - and I hope you can help me!

My TS873-A full with 8 Bay (every 18TB) and one SSD (System) have a big software issue - the System SSD tell "write protect" and change and reinstall the SSD. So - shit - what to do?? My QNAP Server is a PLEX Server with 8Bayx18TB full of data. And I won't a complete clean new install of the snap Server Q.T.S (not change the QTS System) but I dont know what to to. I have no chance to backup the 8 Bays - so what I have to to to make a clean installation again? This must not be a "mega complex think" - but it looks like. If a Server crash the software is buggy, all data are still on a harddrive, so why is it so complex to reinstall a software?

So bevor i do the wrong thing - and everything a have iss lost - what can I do to clean up the system? On the SSD there is NO Data - only Apps from the QNAP Store. I have to say that I first install all on VOLUME 1 of my 8 volumes, and then I install the SSD Hard drive and move all apps to this volume (it is mark as "System&quotWink. So I dont know if I format the SSD and resinstrall the QTS, all DATA on Volume 1 and all other Volumes are lost..

Thanks a lot for your help. And QNAP Support did not answer since 1 week...
You can add a second SSD and migrate from basic mode to RAID1
Technically if your system is installed on SSD, you could wipe it and start with two new SSD as a system. The HDD RAID is separate.
But never know, backups are always required.

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