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Plex and Backup unit

Waiting for Black Friday sales, but thinking of buying DS920+ for plex and ds923+ to serve as hot backup to 920+ and docker (vm-sonorr, radarr, websie) host. Wondering if my backup unit should be a 920+ and mirror first unit. Any +/- on buying from Amazon or B&H Photo?
DS923+ is not good for multimedia if you like remote streaming. Local streaming is OK. This new NAS has a more powerful CPU that is good for virtual machines and 10gbe. But nothing else.
You could use both NAS for something. If you set up backup tasks, it does not mean you can not use it for other things. So use it as Plex server. Amazon do have an easier return policy and no shipping fees. Support is covered by Synology.

I hope this helps.

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