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NAS for Plex Build


I have watched several of your YouTube videos and looking for a recommendation. I am primarily interested in a NAS device that can transcode 4K movies using Plex. I mostly play 4K 16-bit movies, but looking for a future proofing device.

Based on the research that I have done as well as multiple videos that I have seen, I am leaning towards QNAP TS-464. I am currently a Synology user DS-918+. Wanted to ask if there is a comparable NAS in the Synology product line that TS-464 could go head-to-head. I researched DS-920+, though the hardware is couple of years old. Appreciate your insights.
TS-464 and ds920+ feature the same graphics chip. It can handle 1080p and a little bit of 4k but not much.
If you need 4k transcoding you need to consider tvs-473A with GPU card. Or simply use DS Video for remote access. Or offline transcoding.

I hope this helps.

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