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DS423+ ?

Was planning on upgrading a Synology DS418Play to DS422+ which never arrived and now its not clear if there will be a DS423+ model? Can you clarify if this model will be released or has it been cancelled?

With the DS923+, Synology seems to be moving away from the home media server market so it seems like the best current option is QNAP TS-464? I've been with Synology for greater than a decade but the TS-464 specs seem to be an upgrade over the Synology DS920+ and DS923+, other than the ECC memory or ~150 optionsal 10GbE card.
Yes, based on a leak earlier, ds423+ is surely coming. Everyone is curious about CPU.
In the meantime, ds920+ is a best choice. Even if they release a multimedia-friendly ds423+ it would not be more powerful than their flagship mode ds923+. Performance would be similar to older generation flagship model such as ds920+.
A lot of people are moving to Qnap. But even new 64 series Qnap feature the same GPU chip as ds920+.

I hope this helps.

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