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Replacement of DS411Slim

Currently have a nice and compact hassle-free DS411Slim running.
But since it's getting a bit older and nothing lasts forever I'm already planning replacement before it's inevitable.

After waiting for the DS923+ specs I'm still not sure if that would fit me. I think the 920+ is still a good option for me. Especially when the prices might be dropping by the end of 2022.

I have a 1Gbps home network (no upgrades planned yet) and we use the NAS primarily for serving files. We used to watch movies via DLNA/ Media Server but nowadays it's more Netflix and Disney+.

I'm a software developer myself and I like to play around with all the options DSM and the apps given me but all I really use it for is just storing vids and pics from holidays and some documents and music. The reason I'm looking for a 4-bay model is because I 'd like to start with a 2 disk SHR setup and then later be able to extend with 1 or 2 disks if we need more storage capacity.

My current DS411Slim holds 4 disks of 1TB each
1x Samsung HM100UI (there used to be 2 of them at the start but one died and since then I'm hooked on WD red)
3x WD10JFCX-68N6GN0

So effictively I have around 2,7 TB available whereas I'm just using 1,7. So storage demand is actually quite small (at the moment).

What would you recommend in my case?


Yes, DS920+ is on high demand now since DS923+ is not good for home use. Maybe their price might actually increase because of that.
If you need something multimedia-friendly and future-proof then ds920+ is the best choice.
SHR will allow you to mix different drives or create separate storage pools.
You will also get those mobile and PC apps like you did with slim version. You could even migrate those drives or get SSD for silent NAS.

I hope this helps.
"just a short follow-up question about the migration. Physical migration of the disks from the 411Slim to the 920+ is not supported right? At least that is what I've read.
So I have to buy new disks for the new NAS to migrate the data. Is that correct? Having a pref for WD Red series, what would you advice in my case? The regular series or the pro series?"

You will be migrating from Group 1 to Group 3 NAS. Usually it is the best to migrate to the same group, but with few extra clicks Synology seem to allow migrating from a weaker to a upper-level NAS.

Even if your new NAS did not support the migration, you could back up your data and move drives over. Then restore data after the formatting drives from your backup.

Or you can get new drives and use old NAS as a backup. WD Red Pro are quite loud. Red plus is a preferred choice.

I hope this helps.

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