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Upgrading from DS220J - technical question and suggestions?


I am planning to move up from my DS220J - slow processor and low RAM - and am considering a DS220+ (budget is less than $500).
Current DS220J has 2 IronWolf 4Tb, plus an external 8Tb Seagate drive (USB), and I use it most to store files and videos, and 2 surveillance cameras are installed (would love more, but the license cost from Synalogy is expensive). No Plex being used.

Technical question: If a reasonable priced 4-bay comes my way, should I just add 2 new IronWolf disks (same capacity)? What if the new NAS is not Synology, should I export my data to my external drive and wipe the old NAS disks before adding them to the new NAS?

I am considering the DS220+, any other suggestions? It seems that Terramaster and QNAP are options, but the few reviews I have read are not encouraging (lot of work to set them up, heating issues, etc).

Yes, you may find really good deals on ds920+ and DS720+ since they are being replaced now. But those are really good models.
If you do move to ds220+ or other Synology NAS, you can simply move drives over. And you can add additional drives without a need to reset them.
Moving to a Qnap etc. would require formating drives. Copy data to USB drive before you do it.

I hope this helps.

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