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DS1821+? Any new 8-bay synology's coming out in the near future?

Looking at getting the Synology 8 Bay DiskStation DS1821+ but was wondering if there was any new 8-bay models on the horizon in the next year or two?
We have not seen any leaks about ds1823+, but there were few rumours about ds1821xs+ which could go ahead.
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I hope this helps.
Thanks! Hypothetically speaking, do you think it would be possible to "upgrade" my arrays and put them into a new 8-bay synology when it comes out? Like, if I were to sell my 1821+ and buy a new model when it comes out? In the past, have there been any incompatibilities with CPU architecture or other changes between models (any size) that makes this process more complex than just swapping the drives to a new unit?

Thanks again, and, if you have any guides in general on swapping units that you can refer me to I'd appreciate it thanks!
Yes, you can almost always migrate drives from an older NAS to a newer NAS. Especially if it is the same kind of NAS - same category like plus series or value series.
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