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BEST UPS for NAS that is compatible

Hi gentlemen,

have been researching UPS to use with a QNAP TS-453D and a Mac Studio with Samsung 34inch curved monitor plus some external hard drives.

I am looking something that will power the NAS long enough to shut down safely. I’m normally at home so the Mac Studio is only on when I’m there. I have looked at the QNAP compatibility list and much seems outdated, not available in the UK etc. As it is a Mac Studio and has a different power cable I assume I need a UPS with a UK 3 pin plug. Unfortunately as I said earlier I live in NI so Amazon will not send UPS items/batteries to NI. I saw someone ask on one of the videos a similar question relating to the NAS but I could not see the reply, so I’m shouting out here to see if you can help.
Kind Regards
Here are few I found
APC BE600M1 -
Cyberpower CP1500EPFCLCD

You can play with these calculators

Some more info on UPS

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