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Synology 723+ and 923+ able to playback surveillance station?

With all of your assessments of the new AMD processor in the new 723+ and 923+ systems (and 1522), the big item has been the plex server for playback. but what I'm thinking of, is if I don't use plex, but I do use surveillance station because it happens to come with the NAS, then should I be looking at the 720+ and 920+ models in order to functionally view the playback from it? If I'm going to use surveillance station, I'd want the best quality video so it's actually usable if something were to happen, so if I'm recording 4k and using H.265 encoding to save space, would I then not be able to playback any videos even if I was notified of activity? This might be something testable with the 1522 you have like with your plex test video. I just think it's a second significant application that may no longer function. or perhaps it has other capabilities/features and isn't so bad. I'd love to hear your thoughts or experiences with this.
Yes, this is a very good question. Surveillance footage is still a multimedia. In order to access your videos remotely you may need transcoding. Having 720p cameras might be generating small enough video files that can fit through your Internet upload speeds. But Videos like 4K will very likely need conversion. So when you are away and get an alert. Checking a video will be complicated. You will need to log into your NAS and download a video file. Only then you can check what is going on at your home. Terrible.
This is why Celeron based NAS will be on high demand now.

I hope this helps.

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