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Nas replacement for my Netgear RN 516 that is broken


Looking for a new NAS as my RN516 draw its last breath the other week.

Looking for something to store video, photos and files and being able to use Plex for video.

Per Boregrim
It can be very confusing to choose the right NAS when there are so many options out there. But there are few things that can simplify the decision. First of all you need to check if NAS comes with a graphics chip built-in. Transcoding engine will deal with video and audio conversion while the processor can deal with other things like serving files and applications. Without this chip, all heavy work will be done on a CPU and NAS performance will noticeably be affected.
The other thing is artificial intelligence and how your media will be organized and filtered. Are there photo GEO location filters, face and object recognition. This is something you can get used to with Facebook photo galleries.
And finally the app quality. Not only do you get a wide range of apps on the NAS itself, but also apps for personal computers and mobile phones.
Synology value series models will take care of your photos, videos and movies as long as you stick with built-in apps. Plus series models will also offer extras such as upgrades, expandability and more professional apps. Qnap in comparison also have the P series and their Celeron based models. 
DS920+ would be a good choice.

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