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DS920+ advice?

Hi there. First of all I want to thank you for your guides and articles. I have recently started going down the NAS rabbit hole and this website has been a great source of information!

I‘m planning to set up a NAS system at home for the first time (probably trying to get a good Black Friday deal), and using it mainly as a safe backup/storage/cloud solution with occasional video streaming to my 4K LG tv.

In order to have redundancy for faulty drivers I‘m mainly looking at 4-5 bay drives, the favorite atm being Synology‘s DS920+. Obviously I was also anticipating yesterday’s Synology event to see if picking up the DS923+ or something else might be better.

But as it stands, my current favorite is still the Synology DS920+ with
4 x 6 TB, WD Red Plus drives (

What would be your advice? What would be a good future proof set up for my needs?

I might add that we recently downgraded to a 1gbit network connection and that the NAS will be in our living room so the drive’s noise levels will be a somewhat important factor as well.

Thanks in advance for your valvued advice! Have a nice day

Yes, ds920+ will soon be hard to get. New ds923+ is a disaster for home user. It is better to get a USB drive.
DS920+ is plastic based and do not generate much noise itself. But drives inside will. WD Red plus seems to be quieter than other drives. But you can only achieve silence with SSD or laptop type of drives. Some people have a pair of SSD and the rest are HDDs.

I hope this helps.

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