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DS 1821+


We have s a Synology DS 1821+ onn our to floor. Which is connected to our switch. Switch is then connected to our Zyxel APs nva1123acv3. Our ISP provided modem + router also enters our switch.

We have 2 access points: 1 on 1sr floor and one on Ground floor, each of which support 866Mbps on 5 Ghz.

If I connect NAS over ethernet cable directly to my laptop, I get 110 MBPS (NOT Mbps).

If I connect NAS over 1st floor AP, I get. 50 MBPS.

If I connect NAS over ground floor AP, I get 30-35 MBPS.

Is there a way that we can get complete bandwidth over our both APs?

Thanks so much.

WiFi even though it is advertised to work at 1GbE speeds, it rarely does in real life. The best results you can achieve using WiFi6 mesh systems such as Synology routers. Also make sure each mesh point (kind of access point) is connected via Ethernet.

I hope this helps.

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