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Qnap TS 453-D or TS 464


First time NAS.
Want it for my music 24 Bit FLAC files & Blu-ray ISO images for storage & playback.

I will be only sole user on my network.

Like cases of the above and wondered if they would be ok or a bit overkill for my usage (especially the newer TS 464)

Love the youtube channel & will send donation.

Paul Routledge.
Both of these systems feature the same graphics chip, so you would see the same performance.
The older 53D series got replaced with 64 series and allow more simultaneous streams. But if you are the only user, this might be an overkill. You get 2.5gbe ports and nvme caching, but this will not be beneficial for multimedia streaming. If you do have a better deal on an older model, go for it.
I hope this helps.
Thank you for being so supportive, this keeps us going.

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