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QM2-2P10G1TA on TS653 should I use for network only?


I have a QNAP QHORA-301W and a QNAP TS653-D.  I recently purchased a QM2-2P10G1TB. Ihave been using one of the two 10GbE ports on the Router to connect to one of the 2.5GbE.

Lately, I have been thinking on adding some cameras to my NAS, and since me and my wife use the NAS to work at the house, I wanted to improve the connection between the NAS and the Router to 10GbE. So I bought a QM2-2P10G1TA and was planning to use it for the connection and also for to add a couple of 1tb cache SSDs...

but now I'm wondering how much that cache will bottleneck the 10GbE connection between the NSA and the Router.. will it be as bad as the previous connection of 2.5GbE or even worse?

if that's the case then i will pass on the cache... but if it's not as bad, I think i can accept a little bottleneck on my 10GbE to gain the advantage of having Cache.

thanks a lot!

Yes, this might raise a question about the bottlenecks. But in reality, the bandwidth will be shared. It will still be able to deliver 1GB/s even if shared
qm2-2p10g1tb Gen 3 X8 = 16GB/s
qm2-2p10g1ta Gen2 x 2 = 2GB/s

I hope this helps.

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