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NAS Selection

I am looking for a NAS with the following functions/features/integrations:

1. Plex Media Server
2. Backblaze cloud backup
3. Unifi Console
4. PiHole
5. pfSense
6. Local Time Machine Backups

I would love you all thoughts and input to help my decision. My desire is to spend as little as possible, however, I don’t want go the cheap route and hurt myself in the long run.

Details for each of my desires listed above:
1. Currently, we do most of our media watching via streaming services, but I do have Plex Pass and may want to get some of my digital media shared there. For my old plex laptop, I had 3-4 750GB external drives connected for storage if that gives an idea of my current media library. I have HD videos accessible for online services.
2. My desire is to have a local NAS for data backup, but also use a service like Backblaze for offsite backup as well
3. I currently run Unifi Dream Router within my home, and it is pretty maxed on what it can do. It would be nice to optionally run a Unifi Controller on my NAS to possible manage my cameras and leave my networking components on the Unifi Controller within the Unifi Dream Router
4. I currently have one or 1st or 2nd gen Raspberry Pis running PiHole, which is not bad, but would like to migrate to something with faster connections, and push the existing PiHole to maybe a secondary name server in the event the one running on the NAS is unavailable.
5. Not sure if I am running into the network segmentation issues, but would love if the NAS could run pfSense, and set at my perimeter. Stating the idea out loud of having my NAS running a perimeter device while hosting internal systems and services sounds like an awful idea. So maybe I will figure someone else out there.
6. Most of my environment is Apple, so I would love the ability of automated remote backups to Time Machine on the NAS. Currently, I have 3-4 MacBooks with no more than 512G drives each.

I second-guessed myself too long recently and missed NewEgg’s deal on the 1520+ for <$600. I purchased the 1522+ on NewEgg for $550, but I am concerned with the processor change for Plex or other services.

I also purchased two 14TB WD Red Pros during the recent sale for $229 each.

Should I take a gamble and return the 1522+ in hopes a 1520+ will be on sale for Black Friday?
Probably worth having a read up on a direct comparison - Robbie's done that here for you.

Currently best prices are Just under $700 for the 1522 & just under $800 for the 1520.
So it's quite possible the deal you already got isn't going to be beaten even in the Black Friday deals, since the 1520 is no longer listed on Synology as an active model anymore and is already 2 years old since it was first released.

Feel free to come back and ask again once you've had a read up if you're still undecided.

Hope this is helpful.
-- Raid is not a backup, but it is a step in the right direction --
There is only one brand that can do it all and it is QNAP.
I would recommend Celeron based model or better

Here are few quides:
qnap Plex Media Server
Backblaze cloud backup
Local Time Machine Backups
How to configure Pi-hole on your QNAP NAS
How to configure pfSense 2.5.0 on your QNAP NAS Server
Configuring a UNIFI CONTROLLER on your QNAP NAS using Container Station

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