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NAS for remote construction projects

My company want to invest a NAS that put at main office.

We have projects that distributed around the country, and we want all information to be updated to the NAS.
Maximum users: ~100 users

The NAS would be mostly used for communicating office files, pictures, drawings (.docx, .xlsx, .dwg...)

We don't use the NAS as Media Center or Streaming Services.

A store near my place has Synology DS418 / QNAP TR-004. But it's still confusing me a lot.

Please consult me a solution.
Thank you.
Yes, if you need access remotely and you do not have a time to configure it and maintain it then Synology servers will be a good choice.
With 100 users, I would rather suggest DS920+ or DS1522+. These models can be upgraded with NVME SSD cache. This will be very beneficial if multiple users often access the same files.
Also where internet is slower, Synology Presto service will become handy too.

I hope this helps.

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