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M.2 nvme ssd

My gaming pc is a hp omen gt13-1044na I already have a ssd 256 gb wd black omen ssd drive 2280

I have a second ssd slot on my motherboard which m.2 nvme ssd should I get am confused could you help thanks I need a 1tb
It all hinges around what you want to do with it - and is it the same spec of slot ?

If you're running out of space, you could, get the 1TB and upgrade what you have, then slide your old one into the other slot and use it for caching, editing media files, or even as a virtual PC inside your PC.

If you're running fine on your Black for space, you could even get a lower spec drive and periodically clone your existing one.
-- Raid is not a backup, but it is a step in the right direction --

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