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Synology DS1522+ 5-Bay Desktop NAS

Hi, I've been watching a lot of videos on your YouTube channel, which have helped a lot but I still have some uncertainty. Having experienced a HDD failure on a previous laptop I'm looking for some data security for files, photos, music, games. These will come from iphones, PS5, PS4, 3 laptops, 1 desktop, all within the same household. I'm leaning towards the DS1522+ but without all the drives populated initially, I can add more over time. I was looking at RAID 5 or SHR. I want to avoid using any cloud services for backup and keep it in house so I am unsure what the backup solution would entail. Do you think what I've described in my wish list is a reasonable scenario? Any advice welcome. Thank you, Dave
Yes, this is a common problem in IT industry. No one seems to explain what NAS is in simple terms. How it works exactly and how easy it is to use. All people see is a black box.
So the most popular app you get with Synology NAS is their Photo app. This automates all photo and video backup from your phones similar to Google or Amazon photos.
The second most important app is Synology Drive which is very similar to Dropbox and Gdrive. On top of that, you can also backup any folder on your computer or mobile device not just sync the folder contents on both devices.
The third important function is Time Machine and Windows System Image backups.
In general, you can look at the NAS similar to USB drive. But instead of connecting it to a single computer or other devices, you connect it to your router. Now it becomes available across your home network. And if you choose so - also over the internet.
Almost forgot to mention that NAS can also be turned into Netflix media server using Plex or Video station app.

Here are fe links that might help:

I hope this helps.

Thank you for your support, this keeps us going.

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