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Creating a folder

Hello. As I'm finally trying to get a good file structure/organization going I came across something I don't understand. I was using File Station created a new folder. Then I started wondering, how is this different from creating a shared folder from the Control Panel? I guess I thought it would be the same thing. Can folders not be installed on the root by certain method? or by certain users? Thanks for any feedback.
For 'Root' level folders, Control Panel is the best method as it kind of reminds you to set access permissions to users (or preferably groups) at the same time.

Users (who aren't admins) won't see all folders in File Station, so can't create shares in sub folders.

I've found it's best when you plan to create shares use the Control Panel, and File Station is more of an adhoc / afterthought.

On older versions of QTS you could only create Root shares via control panel.

Hope this helps.
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