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Hi Robbie,

As you truly are an expert and a man of knowledge and information, and I do watch your videos!, I would like to ask,
are you by any chance familiar with the information whether on the market an "SFP+ 10G 1 port Network card" exist, that is compatible and installable into the Qnap TS-464 NAS.

It goes w/o saying that preferable price is supposed to be around 100-120€.

If U can help me, I would be very, very DANKBAR, i.e., grateful.

Just keep ON with what U are doing!

And one more thing: TS-464 fully loaded - RAM up to the sky, QM2 4P-384 or 2P2G2T with SSDs for caching, and TRUENAS on top of it..., and a bit more about configuring TRUENAS. I know that U made a similar video recently!!! It would be just another useful case scenario.

Cheers, Ivica

Yes, here is the card QNAP QXG-10G2SF-CX4 Dual-port (SFP+) 10Gb network expansion card; low-profile form factor; PCIe Gen3 x8
Or you can use this adapter on the switch plus rj45 card on a NAS.
Here is everything we have on TrueNAS

I hope this helps.

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