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Accidental Volume Deletion


I recently purchased a DS1821+ to upgrade from my DS920+ along with a DX517 expansion unit.

I followed through the instructions with Migration Assistant and it started running tasks to get me ready to transfer my hard drives over to the new NAS. However I did not realise I had to run Hyper Backup to save my data and I noticed that during the Migration Assistant setup it had deleted my SHR volume.... After I transferred the drives over to the new NAS it recognised all the drives perfectly. But now I've realised that my volume has been deleted along with my 100TB of data stored. Sad

Is there any possible way to restore the data from the deleted volume? Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
Depending on how 'quickly' it ran, it might be just the GUI label that has been deleted and this will have flagged your data for removal (ie marked the space on the discs as empty). If it took a long time, it may have wiped the data.

Your best bet is do nothing more (it might make it worse) - but either raise a support ticket with Synology or start trawling through / asking questions on the Community Forum

Probability is someone has done this before and since the forum contains some hardcore geeks, there might be a solution.

I know with QNAPs you can often use SSH & Linux to falsify the deleted information that removed the labels - but I'm not familiar that you can do the same in Synology.

The fact you were migrating at the same time might mean the DS1821+ has no idea the data is even there.

If you have spare discs you could try cloning your existing ones then use another PC / MAC to try a data retrieval using 3rd party disc recovery software and a deep dig. This way you're only modifying a copy and not the original data.

I wish you luck.
-- Raid is not a backup, but it is a step in the right direction --

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