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No destructive migrate from DS3617xs to DS3622xs+

I have a 3 volume (two chassis) DS3617xs that I want to migrate to a dual chassis DS3622xs+. I have the DS3622xs+ and would buy a DX1222 chassis and populate with existing new hard drives. Right now the DS3622xs+ has one volume with a manually synced data image from the ds3617xs. On the DS3617xs one volume is data, one is Hyperback data and the third is Active Backup for Business data. I want to keep using the DS3617xs but have the DS3622xs+ as a backup in case the DS3617xs dies. Will one day switch over but not yet. If I use the migration wizard will I still be able to use the DS3617xs as before or can I now only use the DS3622xs+? I know how to keep the data volume on the DS3622xs+ synced with the old NAS but how would I keep the other two volumes synced? Thank You !!!!
Migration wizard simply copies data and configuration. Your old NAS will still do what it used to do after migration. Both NAS systems will be seen on the network (the new NAS might be called the same as the old one, but this can be changed). You could also map both NAS together like this
Then you can copy data this way too.

I hope this helps.

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