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4K Reolink Duo 2 Wifi Vs. Reolink Trakmix WiFi
I am looking for an outdoor 4K WiFi security camera that has a Solar Panel option. So far I have narrowed down the options to a Reolink 4K Duo 2 WiFi versus a Reolink 4K Trakmix WiFi.
I want to use a solar panel on them and maybe control them with my Windows PC with a software solution like Blue Iris or similar. Any comments or recommendations?

Thank you!

These two cameras are promised to be made as solar /batery powered in the near future. But not available just yet.
They do have few cameras that are solar-based, but they can not be connected to a third-party management/control system. It can only be controlled using Reolink software. They app is actually quite good. Same rules apply to other camera brands.

I hope this helps.

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