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Plex Media Server setup on DS920+
I purchased a Synology DS920+ after watching dozens of NASCompares YouTube videos. Filled it with (4) 18TB WD Red Pro and was able to successfully setup the NAS and load it with some of my media (15TB so far.)

Decided to take on the Plex Media Server (PMS) setup and did all the steps in the video titled "Synology NAS Setup Guide 2022 #6 - Setting Up Plex Media Server Right First Time" including upgrading to Version I’ve a couple issues afterwards.

1) PMS isn’t pulling icons for the media nor the meta data. If select Refresh Metadata the graphic spins (I’m testing with just 2 movies.) Left it run overnight and it was still spinning in the morning.

2) Pressing play produces "Playback Error - Conversion failed. A required codec could not be found or failed to install."
I tried renaming the codec directory so it would download a new version. That didn't work. I verified my Netgear R6400 v2 router was using uPnP, I verified the Synology NAS was allowed access, and I am able to view the advertisements when selecting movies from Plex.

At this point I’ve no idea what to try. There’re way too many options in a lot of different places for my photographer mind to figure out. I can figure out a Canon R3 and it’s 1100-page user manual that changes with every firmware release but computer networking is a foreign language for me.

Thanks in advance and enjoy the coffee without a rush. I'm leaving in the morning for a triple booking road trip and won't be back home until October 3.

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