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QDA-U2MP as RAID 10 in a TS-h973AX faster than RAID 1?

I've just purchased a TS-h973AX.
Now want to populate the 2x U.2 drive bays and decided to get 2x QDA-U2MP and install 4x WD RED NVMe SSDs in a RAID 10 configuration for redundancy with best performance.
On a second thought I'm unsure, whether the RAID 10 configuration will give me any advantages in speed vs. a RAID 1 with 2 of the cheaper QDA-UMP adapters. If the ASMEDIA chip in the QDA-U2MP cuts the bandwidth in halve for each SSD this would be the bottleneck of the setup and the speed would be about the same as with the RAID 1 configuration.

Has anyone made tests whether there is a difference in performance between a RAID 10 with QDA-U2MP adapters and a RAID 1 with QDA-UMP especially in a TS-h973AX?

Yes, Asmedia speed will limit those two SSD down to 8GB/s.

CPU lane speed is 32GB/s (3.0 x 16)

I hope this helps.
Thanks ed for the info.

Luckily the WD RED SN 700 SSDs I've ordered max out at 3200 MB/s and therefore the Asmedia speed will not limit these in a RAID 10.

But good to know that using faster SSDs in the future won't buy me any advantage when used inside the QDA-U2MP.

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