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First, I like to say; Thanks for all you videos!!! Tons to digest!

For contect: I'm moving on from two drobos a 5D and 5D3 bothe DAS. I have a TerraMaster D5 Thunderbolt 3 on the way that i will be populating with 4 ne Exos 7200rpm, 14TB drives. I'm on the Mac OS ecosystem and mostly use the drives for photos; some video; and iMac backups ( Currently @ ~ 8TB and backed up on a cloud service too). I've used DAS, because I edit photos directly fro the unit and have my learning programs with mp4's etc.
The two drobos; one with 4-4TB drives and the other 4- 10TB drives. I'd like to put these drives in a new enclosure for backups, possibly stored at a different location for safety. I really don't need or want to access via the internet, with security concerns too) , but weighing options of different options for another DAS or NAS? Since what I've seen on your YouTube channel, If possible, not get into a system locked into purchasing theri drives as I have them and Again; If possible still have a hardware controlled unit?! I'm on the fence about software controlled RAID enclosure, due to not having the ability for unit able to rebuild a drive without a connected computer. Please let me know your thoughts an recommendations on NAS vs DAS and good unites for the purchase. Thank you in advance for taking time to answer this email. Cheers!
Yes, the hardware RAID controller is not only faster but also safer during rebuild times.
Terramaster have surprised us with their hardware superiority. Especially their latest release with hardware RAID and SSD cache here
Other brands are not as innovative. But if you are curious about competition, then there is Pegasus, Lacie, Areca and Netstor that offer hardware RAID and fast connectivity.
If you prefer to move different size drive into a single enclosure and create multiple RAIDs, you do that with software RAID. Or having Qnap DAS/NAS models (72XT series), that is not as fast as DAS, but allow more specific configuration.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for your support, this keeps us going.

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