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HDD compatibility for Synology 1515+ (Drive Compatibility Warning FIX)

I need to replace the old WD Red HDD in my Synology 1515+
I read using WD RED Plus is better for my Raid 5 system, However, when I check the compatibility in the Synology site, the DS1515+ is compatible with WD RED and WD RED Pro, and not included for RED Plus. I didn't expect this and already ordered the drives. What is your opinion? the Red Plus will work? ";}
If drives are not on the compatibility list, they will still work. Some business-targeted systems such as XS series might have a warning about compatibility though. But people have figured out how to remove this warning.

edit the /var/lib/disk-compatibility/<model>host_v7.db or <model>host.db file adding in your drives.

Enable SSH on your Synology Device
Login via SSh in your Synology Device
cd /var/lib/disk-compatibility
make a copy of the directory on your local hard drive for backup purposes
example: scp admin@YOURSYNOLOGYIP:/var/lib/disk-compatibility c:\temp
change the filename of my rs2821rp+_host_v7.db to your device model
Inside the file change "MZ7LH1T9HMLT-00005" to your Harddrives model and change "HXT7904Q" to your Harddrives firmware. Save afterwards
copy the file via scp to /tmp on your Synology Device
example: scp c:\temp\rs2821rp+_host_v7.db admin@YOURSYNOLOGYIP:/tmp/rs2821rp+_host_v7.db
overwrite the existing file via sudo cp
example: sudo cp /tmp/rs2821rp+_host_v7.db /var/lib/disk-compatibility/rs2821rp+_host_v7.db
reboot your Synology Device
Check your Harddisk Status
If it won't work
copy the files eunit_rule.db and host_rule.db over the existing files on your Synology Device.
Reboot your Synology Device
Check your Harddisk Status

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