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How to improve WiFi upload/download speeds to/from NAS

hello, I have a ds220+. my read speed is 70MB/s and write speed is 40MB/s on average through wifi. 2-2tb red pro drives in shr. my question is if I set it up as raid 0 could I expect any speed increase? or is there any other way to increase speed through wifi?
This is quite a good speed for WiFi. To improve this even further, you could consider setting up WiFi6. Synology new router seems to achieve the best speeds in the market so far.
Otherwise, also remember that speeds will vary based on file size and quantity you are trying to transfer. Big files need less communication between source and destination. Also, make sure Jumbo frames are set the same on both ends.

I hope this helps.


thank you for the quick reply and tips! I am already using wifi 6 but not 6e as my m1 MacBook Air does not support 6ghz anyway. my router is a tp-link ax5400. I was hoping to achieve something closer to the 125 MB/s available from the 1gbe port but with wifi. ive heard the term jumbo frames before but lack any knowledge. I will certainly investigate this. when you say both ends im not sure which 2 you are referring to out of the laptop, router, or nas? also , configuring the raid to raid zero in the 2 bay will offer no speed gains through wifi? im confused as to why the read/write speeds are different if the wifi is the bottleneck. in my mind the read speed and write speed would match if wifi was the limiting factor and not the hdd, I might be way off on this though.


You can try and connect via LAN and compare speeds. If it is faster via cable, you can experiment with different location of WiFi. Also make sure you connect via 5GHZ and not 2.5GHZ band. Jumbo frames at the both ends mean a NAS and a PC (LAN card settings). If the speed happens to be the same via LAN and WiFi. You can experiment with RAID0. Or I would rather start with ISCSI/ SMB/ AFP/ NFS. Each setup has the best protocol to connect.

I hope this helps.

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