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How to maximise data transfer speeds over the 1Gbit LAN speed at home

My question may seem basic but I can not find much information.  I’ve watched your videos dozens of times and I’ve leaned a lot. Something keeps escaping my knowledge….

I don’t think I understand how fast my home network speed should be compared to my internet speeds. Am I doing something wrong? 

If I have 1gb internet speeds why don’t files transfer/write from my computer to my NAS at those speeds?  Assuming I have all the best hardware, why does the internet speed test (on the NAS itself) show 1gbps but when writing from my computer to my NAS it’s only speeds of around 50mbps. 

Quick snapshot:

Computer:  tried on numerous computers but my main computer is top of the line 32-core AMD, 10gb lan card (and/or WiFi 6) 2080ti gpu,  Aorus Gen 4 NVME ssd, 128gb RAM 3600, etc…

NAS drives Tried:

1. QNAP 672XT (i5, 8gb Ram) brand new   

2. Western Digital My Cloud Mirror NAS

3. Western Digital EX4100 NAS

Why are my Internet speeds are 1gb but my home network speeds are 40mbps-50mbps when writing from a computer to a NAS?  If I do an internet speed test on the QNAP (itself) it will be close to 1gbps (typically around 700-800mbps) but again if I copy a 4K video file (for example) the transfer speed will only be around 50mbps.

There is no bottleneck (Cat6 and Cat8 cables have been tried) and I’ve tried a 2.5gbps switch and a 10gbps switch, and even tried going directly from the cable modem to the NAS (using the modem’s 4 ports) to connect each computer and NAS (to make sure nothing else is bottle necking it). 

Regardless of what I do I can not get more than 50mbps when moving files to or writing from a NAS. 

Am I just confused on how fast my home network should be?  Can my computer write to a NAS at GB speeds?  What effects those speeds if it’s not the computer or the NAS (or even my internet speed)?  For example, if my home didn’t have an internet service provider and I just wanted a home network for my home computer to write to a  NAS on my network. -What would the speed be when writing to the NAS on that home network?

I don’t want to babble on anymore and hope my questions makes sense…

Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but I can’t seem to find any info on this basic question.
The limiting factor here is probably the network card and network protocol you use for data transfers.
The card itself would be limited to around 120MB/s in ideal circumstances.
Technically transferring a single file such as 2GB ISO file or video file should achieve the best results.
When you try to transfer multiple text files, this will result in slow speeds. Simply because of the way the data is transferred over the network.
You will achieve different speeds based on the protocol you select. There is NFS, SMB, NFS and even ISCI option to connect and transfer your data. Speeds will be very different in each setup. You can see some test results here
Also, have a look at JUMBO frame packet size setting. This should be the same between a NAS and a computer. This video will explain it

I hope this helps. And thank you for your support. This keeps us going.

You can replicate Qnap testing setup to achieve similar result

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