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A NAS for Jellyfin, backup, Pi-Hole and surveillance?

Hey, a friend of mine got me their old Core 2 Quad (4c/4t from '08) tower and I'm gonna try making a NAS out of it, what surveillance brand would you recommend me getting for an open-source enthusiast? And should I spend another hundred bucks on a surveillance-specific drive if I only want the cameras to record whenever there is a movement?

If you know some open-source utilities that can manage surveillance cameras and offer a web-ui and let you have a mobile application you can connect to your server, that'd be wonderful, thanks!
If you build your own home NAS, you may consider installing TrueNAS (FreeNAS) system. This will allow you to create an FTP server. You can then set your cameras to send all recordings of movement to your NAS. There is no need for surveillance-specific drives. Any drive will do the job.
There is also OwnCloud to consider

I hope this helps.

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