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Migrate data from broken ReadyNAS NV+ drives

Hello, I have a Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ with two drives configured in X- RAID RAID 5 I believe. The ReadyNAS power supply appears to have died. I also have two Synology  DS412+ devices available to me.

If I add the two drives from the ReadyNAS NV+ to the Synology will the Synology software give me the option to migrate the data?  If not, are there other NAS devices that will read, recover or migrate the data from the ReadyNAS drives?

I typically work in a Windows environment and have access to a SATA/IDE USB adapter.

What other options might I have to recover the data from the drives?

Thanks, Mike
If you have only two drives on your NAS in XRAID it probably operates as a mirror. If you get a docking station and connect one of those drives via USB on your Synology, you should be able to see EXT file system.
This is how you could get your data off the old NAS. Another option would be getting an old replacement NAS from Netgear.

Here is some more info about it and how to connect the drive to a Windows PC.

I hope this helps.

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