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heat sinks on PCIe cards for NVMe SSD

I noticed that QNAP TS-x53D PCIe cards for NVMe SSD include heat sinks and sticky thermal pads, but Synology DS920+ just has sockets for NVME SSD with only air flow for cooling. Is this because QNAP supports use cases for SSD that go beyond caching, and thus are presumably more heat intensive? Is the Synology design safe, and if not do you recommend any specific thermal mitigation to use there? Thank you
It is all down to design. If you install a PCIe card, there will be not much space around it to keep itself cool. Nearby components such as RAM, CPU and motherboard chips will keep the temperature up. Synology have placed their NVMe slots far away from other components at the bottom. This helps them to keep it at reasonable temperature levels.

I hope this helps.

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