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what NAS should I buy?

I am looking to buy a NAS drive for my home
I plan on using it with my husband to export photos and videos.

is it possible to creat different folders and organize your files in Nas drive? cause i wouldnt want all my photos to be stacked in one place, I would love to make folders for different events and Trips.

and could you recommend something that can be used to support both Andriod and apple devices? in such way we would be able to export our files directly from our andoid/iphone phones and access them on computer when needed.

you support is much appreciated
Yes, both Synology and Qnap will allow you to organise files into folders. You can then switch from folder view to other filters such as face recognition or GEO. Qnap will allow additional functions such as object recognition. If you do not want to keep your app open to synchronise your photos, WD NAS will allow that. They do not have a face recognition option, but otherwise, they do a good job with seamless backups.

I hope this helps.

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