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Budget NAS
Looking at buying my 1st NAS.
1) Users 4
2) IOS devises (MacBooks, iPads, iPhones )
3) Set up of family share folders and users specific locked directories

Requirement to save photos, videos, word, PowerPoint, & excel documents on a secure NAS that can be accessed remotely

Think of the Asustor drivestore or the Synology DS220j (open to other products)

What would you suggest
If you need something safe and easy to access remotely then Synology will allow that. If you use a MAC and need a Dropbox-like space-saving mode, Only Qnap can do that. Synology only supports Windows systems when enabling those feature.
Playing videos remotely can be done from any NAS. If you need remote access too then using Synology and their video app will allow that. If you like third party players such as Plex, you will need DS220+ or better NAS.
DS220j will work for you with Synology-only apps.

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