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Help with a Dead NAS on Synology RT2600

Please, I need an advice on a problem I have with my Drive that is connected via USB to my Synology RT2600ac router. My drive is a My Book 8TB drive from Western Digital.

I noticed my movies were not showing on my list and I thought some update on the software could have messed up my library. I tried to fix it and add the path for the library but the drive was not showing.

I turned to the SRM in the router to see if the drive was there. But it is not. That is bad.
I'm using SRM 1.2.5-8227 Update 5, when I setup the drive I formatted using SRM.
I think I can't mount it on Mac and Windows.

Is there hope to a fix for my case?
You could talk to Gabriele <>
We do not offer services like that ourselves.
I hope this helps.
You can find his page here

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