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consolidating 2 drive content into 1 drive to then create RAID system


Following up on a previous communication when you gave great advice on how to switch from no raid to raid on my existing server.

Wondering if you can help with the sequence of my specific setup to make sure I don’t blow away any of my existing data. My server is a 2 bay Qnap TS-251-D

Current Setup:
- no Raid
- Bay 1 - 4GB Hard drive
- Bay 2 - 6GB Hard drive
- there is independent data on each drive

Proposed Setup
- Raid
- Bay 1 : 10GB Hard Drive
- Bay 2: 1 TB SSD

Where I’m getting stuck is how do I essentially consolidate by 4GB and 6GB hard drives into 1 10GB hard drive while creating a RAID configuration and not lose any of my data?
Really appreciate your thoughts, thank you so much!!
You will need to get a USB docking station similar to this
You can then set up your NAS with 10TB + SSD and connect other drives via USB.
All data can be manually copied to your new 10TB drive.

I hope this helps.

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