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Dear Editor,

HighPoint Technologies, Inc. is committed to innovation. For nearly three decades, we’ve continuously developed cutting-edge storage and connectivity solutions for professional, business and personal applications. As a longstanding, key player in this industry, we feel your audience would be highly receptive to our latest RAID product offerings.

HighPoint Technologies, Inc. is defined as an industry leader. We manufacture and deploy a wide range of NVMe, USB, Thunderbolt™ and SAS/SATA based RAID storage and connectivity solutions for industrial, media and enterprise applications.
Our dedicated, international team of hardware and software engineers and production specialists have over 25 years of storage expertise, and maintain several manufacturing and R&D facilities overseas.

Though not unique to M.2 media, storage aggregation, grouping a large number of individual disks to function as a single device, is a relatively straight forward and simple task for any modern operating system. An M.2 RAID controller makes this even easier.
For example, HighPoint SSD7540 ( PCIe Gen4 and SSD7140A ( PCIe Gen3 M.2 RAID controllers can directly host up to 8 individual M.2 SSDs. These single-width, full-height and full length PCIe cards (about the same size as a modern video card) can be easily integrated into industry standard server and workstation platforms; no additional hardware is required. They can effectively operate as all-in-one NVMe solutions.

Download PR:

Link to video:


SSD7540 PCIe 4.0 x16 / 8x M.2 Ports $1,099.00
SSD7540 – PCIe Gen4 x16, 8x M.2 NVMe RAID Controller (

SSD7140A PCIe 3.0 x16 lanes 8x M.2 Ports NVMe RAID Controller $729.00
SSD7140A – PCIe Gen3 x16, 8x M.2 NVMe RAID Controller (

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