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HBS3 with two QNAP TVS-872XT-i5-16G- US


I love your informative videos but didn’t seem to find one geared toward video editors with specific backup solutions for a NAS at the office and a second NAS at home at home. Im not sure what the safest option for HBS is and I would like to use both to edit. They are Raid 6 and have 80 TB of disks in one and 48 TB of disks in the other. Are you maybe available for a zoom to chat today or another day? More than happy to pay money to do it right the first time. Do you have an hourly consulting rate?

Qnap actually have made a very good video here
This shows how to set up HBO sync between local and remote NAS.

If you need to fix or configure a NAS, check here

I hope this helps.

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