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10Gbe switch and cards

I've broken and bought a DS1522+ with the 10Gbe card. I was waiting for the DS922/3+ as I couldn't face buying the effectively outgoing 920+ with 1Gbe. Then my elderly DS411j started hiccuping and the dam broke. I use the NAS for central storage and backing-up for large files between several PCs and file transfer speed is important.

Now, I'm trying to decide which network switch and cards to buy. I'd like 10Gb connecting two PCs and the NAS and I'd be happy for that to be a separate network - preferably without internet and with the PCs accessing the internet on the existing LAN. That LAN also has the home wifi and a host of Raspberry Pis on it - all trundling along at 1Gb. Is this separate networks idea possible or will the new LAN have immediate internet access through the PCs connecting to the exisiting LAN? It's likely a stupid question but I don't know the answer.

What would be the best value switch and cards to buy for 10Gb or should I compromise with 2.5Gb until the prices drop for 10?

Have I made a mistake buying the 1522+? I keep stuff for a long time and the network card speed swayed me. The fear of attacks on QNAP and the other non-Synologys kept me brand loyal. My elderly DS411j has kept going but the transfer speeds are agonisingly slow at maximum storage size. 11 years isn't bad though - on WD Green drives: mistakes that I have made, chapter 21. I'm now updating it with actual NAS drives and will keep it as a backup device.

I got such a fright with the DS411j degrading with SHR1 that I'm planning to set up the DS1522+ with SHR2. Is this too cautious? It's certainly expensive to use two HDDs for redundancy - although if I'd lost data like I thought I had with the old Synology, I'd have bitten my own hands off to have used SHR2. My backup strategy is now triple but I'll never get those heartbeats back.

Thanks for all your work. Your channel and site are excellent and have been a godsend.";}

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