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Help me to not have buyer's remorse - To Buy to Not to Buy in 2022?
Originally sent to NAS Compares - Awaiting reply. So I also posted it here.

Good morning and thank you and your entire group of behind-the-scenes people. I always see comments in a variety of places where people say, oh that guy or girl is doing it for monetary reasons. Somehow, I feel like there are a lot easier ways to make money in life than content producing. So really thank you.

Thanks to your videos I’ve realized that this is NOT the year to buy a NAS. Seems like both Synology and QNAP have a 2-3 year product cycle and given that I am looking for QNAP purchase, nothing has really come out worth commenting on for 2 years now. If you could guide me, I’d appreciate it.
<li>Given that we are nearly midway in 2022, is it worth waiting another 6 months or so to
<li>A) See what the 2023 lines offer and</li>
<li>B) to ride out the catastrophes of Chip Shortage, China Shutdown, COVID, etc? I do not have an immediate need, but I have money now.</li>
<li>My first objective in choosing a NAS is to NOT have buyer’s remorse. Therefore, spending $300 more of product X instead of Y is worth it to me.</li>
<li>Celeron. I was always taught that Celeron was Intel French for “Shit”. So how is it that Celeron is even offered in a NAS? And why would one choose it over Ryzen or Intel i7?</li>
<li>Lastly, the question you’re asking is, Why do I need a NAS anyway. Maybe this will help you to help me</li>
<li style="list-style-type: none;">
<li>Store files, videos, archive old stuff</li>
<li>Media server for MP3 and Music Video to smart devices in the house</li>
<li>PLEX – Although I don’t really see value in it as a service, but I haven’t implemented it yet to see for myself</li>
<li>I am studying ESXi, so I would like to create an ESXi and Cisco Virtual Lab</li>
· Things I would like and don’t know if I should get it now (pay for it now) or grow into it. I like the idea of:
<li style="list-style-type: none;">
<li>Hardware Transcoding and 4K streaming.</li>
<li>Built-in Video output… but I hear this must be in place anyway to get Hardware transcoding. So my question is, should I get a unit with a built in low grade Intel HD 6xx video or a unit with a PCIe slot to add my own nVidia card?</li>
<li>2.5 Gb Ethernet (but if something comes with 10 Gb now and it’s cheaper than an add-on card, meh, ok, why not, I’ll spend a couple of $100 more just to not regret not having it at the start)</li>
Based on your videos I do like the TS-h973AX, but I also really like the TVS-872X-i5 or, again to not have buyer’s remorse, the TVS-872XT-i7.

In closing, I already have 8 brand new 8TB 7.2K RPM NLSAS 12Gbps 512e 3.5in Internal Bay Hard Drive from a duplicate order from Dell and a PM961 NVMe 256 GB Samsung ready to do something with.

Oh and I am American, but I live in Romania now. So I don’t know if I should buy something when I go to the US or buy something here. My “home” is Poland.

My budget is $1500 to $2500

I value all your efforts and look forward to your advice.


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