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Dbrand & Heatsink Combo: System Impact?

I own a PS5 and the Dbrand 2.0 plates, which have the vents located near the fans, but I am very interested in purchasing a PS5-designed heatsink to go alongside them, as well as a SSD. I know NASCompares has uploaded videos regarding these, but I have a specific need that I’d like to have addressed. What PS5-designed heatsink would be the most beneficial when regarding the temperature of the PS5 console as a whole both long-term and short-term as the main priority and the SSD as the secondary concern, while keeping in mind factors such as the Dbrand 2.0 plates ventilation and the possibility of additional heat being drawn into the console over the top of/from the heatsink? At the moment I am considering 3 potential options: ElecGear, Sabrent, and the PNY. I know the PNY is somewhat of a different story, but I am still curious as to which one of these would have the best results in regard to my preferences? Also, I am willing to spend as much as needed in order to accomplish even a small amount of success towards my goal, so money is not an issue in this consideration. Thank you for your time; please give the most accurate answer you are able to, even if it means that I will have to wait a longer amount of time for a response!

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