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Specifications for 2nd NAS for offsite storage use (backup)?

Am considering DS920+ with 4 x 4-6TB as main NAS. What is a good option for an offsite back-up NAS?
I wouldn't mind hearing what the pros would suggest. But to me, an offsite NAS, would mean you have an Onsite NAS. So as a redundant back up this can be your more affordable option. Aside from having a good Network connection, speed reading or writing isn't really a big deal. So focusing on Network would be my thoughts. (router, ports, ISP)As for capacity, If this NAS backs up only once a day, its hardware will likely last a long time, something to think about. There are price considerations when choosing a 2Bay with High capacity HDDs, vs 4 Bay with lower capacity. So you'll need to figure out how big you want the data pool to be in the offsite location.They have a video here somewhere that might help with choosing a 2bay vs 4 bay.
@Cdpage thank you for your perspective and advice. My thought was that perhaps the redundant, offsite back up might be fine with a more affordable option as you have suggested. I need to give all of this a think as I'm new to the NAS game and would like to start off properly with a 3-2-1 solution in mind. Best regards. // John

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