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Comparison list of Synology models. 2, 4 & 5-Bay 2018–2022?

Synology does a great job of being vague about what product is best for you. Funny considering they have a NAS selector on their site.

Year models help and confuse, what we need is a hierarchy of model/extensions.
DS222 vs 222play vs 222j vs 222+ vs 722
That's 5 different 2-Bay variations, not to mention some unique models that pop up from time to time. I thought j's were basically last Gen's Value model (DS222j = DS220) but now I'm not so sure.
Synology doesn't list MSRP on the site so they make shopping for these even harder. Value is would normally sound like the entry, but that's actually "j"?
So I started plotting out where each model sits based on price and performance and features. I did this using Synology's comparison page which is a good start, but i think you guys could help make this WAY better.
Let me know what you think. I'm sure a few things will need to move... I would HOPE the DS222j would have better performance than a DS218, but since the DS220j seemed far behind spec-wise from the 218play even, I have my doubts.
Added the 1520+ as it seems to fit into this range.
Updated by adding the DS1522+

Again, I'd happy to make adjustments if anyone feels like something should be moved or added.

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My impression is that the performance / features of a 2-bay vs a 4-bay is largely due to RAID. But where DS723+ vs DS423+ I guess is questionable. 

Would love to hear feedback, and would adjust anything you think make more sense. 


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